Welcome to the Intercept group

Research highlights

Interaction and engineering of proteins
PI: Frédéric Pecorari, PhD, CNRS researcher, frederic.pecorari@univ-nantes.fr

The objective of the Intercept group is to enable the development of biomedical applications using novel modified proteins. Our approaches are mainly based on the use of our patented Affitin technology to generate small and stable artificial binding proteins that can be used as targeting molecules for the design of new multifunctional proteins.

The Intercept group is part of team 1 of the “Immunology and new concepts in immunotherapy” laboratory, INCIT (Nantes Université, UMR Inserm 1302, EMR CNRS 6001) : IRS-2, 22 boulevard Bénoni Goullin, 44200 Nantes, France.

Affidendrons as Versatile Tools for Modulating Multicellular Behaviors

Highly specific Affitins for S. aureus detection and capture

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